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Emirates ID Card or Passport required to apply for new SIM card

Emirates ID Card or Passport required to apply for new SIM card

According to a new regulation by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), applications for new mobile phone SIM card must accompany a copy of either Emirates ID Card or Passport.

Earlier, subscribers used to get new SIM card by submitting copies of labor card or driving license.

The rules were circulated to all mobile phone shops and other GSM handset outlets involved in the sale of Etisalat and du SIM cards.

“Please be aware that the new regulatory policy states new procedures and measures for obtaining and registering mobile SIM cards and services. In particular, it specifies the following ID documentation for obtaining and registering SIM cards and services-the Emirates ID or the passport,” TRA said.

“It is essential to emphasize the importance of implementing these new procedures which are in effect starting July 17 and to distribute a copy of the original notice to all points of sales of mobile SIM cards in the UAE.”

UAE mobile phone users ask to re-register SIMs in 18 months

UAE registration of SIM cards

On pretext of curbing illegal phones, the mobile phone users in the UAE are asked to re-register their SIMs in 18 months or risk having their telephone services cut off.

Reported by the Arabian Business, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) said in a statement that mobile phone subscribers are expected to fully update their data and ensure that the sim cards they’re using are registered under their names.

All customers will receive notification of the programme either through text message or phone call.

According to TRA, Re-registration prevents any unauthorised or criminal usage of sim cards and helps in curbing legal or social violations besides reducing frauds that have been noticed during the last few years.

Etisalat has 105 registration points across the UAE while du has 46.

Apparently this is an attempt by the government to curb the use of fake / replica cellphones, freely sold across UAE. Rather than stopping the sales, the authorities are punishing the subscribers.

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Under Sea Cable Cut Can Disrupt Internet Services in Dubai

Under Sea Cable Cut Can Disrupt Internet Services in Dubai

Du has issued an statement saying that a cut in an underwater cable between Dubai and Oman could effect internet services in the UAE.

Gulf News reported that in a statement Tuesday, Du said that the cable was served at 7.45am on Monday and that operators were working to fix the problem.

Internet traffic was disrupted in UAE last year when an under sea cable was severed in the region.

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du Internet Service partially restored after under sea cable cuts

du Internet Service partially restored after under sea cable cutsDu internet service in UAE has partially restored as one of the two cable cuts has been restored while the second one might take weeks.

A cut in SMW3 cable has been restored while repairs for the other cable, i2i, may take take one or two weeks. The cause behind the cuts was not shared by the cable operators.

Du earlier informed its customers on the possible disruptions in internet services due to cable cuts.

Fire at Orbit Showtime Network suspend TV Channels

OSNA small fire at the headquarters of the Orbit Showtime Network in Dubai has resulted in a temporary suspension of a number of popular television channels.

Around 44 OSN television channels were temporarily suspended following a fire and a subsequent power shortage at the broadcast centre in Dubai’s Media City.

Following message is posted at OSN website:

OSN – Orbit Showtime Network wishes to advise that an incident at our broadcast centre in Dubai resulted in a small fire, with no injury to staff or facilities. However a subsequent power failure has resulted in some channels not being broadcast currently.

Normal services will resume as quickly as possible, in the meantime the following 44 channels together with all Free to Air channels are broadcasting as normal, click here to view channels. The remaining channels are currently broadcasting unscheduled material while we work to return them to normal broadcast.

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UAE to restrict BlackBerry services?

BlackBerry in UAEAfter an earlier unsuccessful attempt to curb down BlackBerry usage in UAE, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has now asked Etisalat and du, to restrict BlackBerry Enterprise Services (BES) to “qualifying organisations” and private individuals.

Qualifying organisations must have a valid UAE trade licence, and a minimum of 20 or more Enterprise accounts under the company ownership,

However, the move could lead to added costs for local firms wanting to use the more secure service.

Etisalat has already begun communicating with its corporate customers about the change.

From: Arabian Business