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Emirates ID Card or Passport required to apply for new SIM card

Emirates ID Card or Passport required to apply for new SIM card

According to a new regulation by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), applications for new mobile phone SIM card must accompany a copy of either Emirates ID Card or Passport.

Earlier, subscribers used to get new SIM card by submitting copies of labor card or driving license.

The rules were circulated to all mobile phone shops and other GSM handset outlets involved in the sale of Etisalat and du SIM cards.

“Please be aware that the new regulatory policy states new procedures and measures for obtaining and registering mobile SIM cards and services. In particular, it specifies the following ID documentation for obtaining and registering SIM cards and services-the Emirates ID or the passport,” TRA said.

“It is essential to emphasize the importance of implementing these new procedures which are in effect starting July 17 and to distribute a copy of the original notice to all points of sales of mobile SIM cards in the UAE.”

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RTA to allow teenagers to apply for Driving License

RTA to allow teenagers to apply for Driving LicenseThe Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) plans to allow youngsters to begin training to obtain drivers’ licence about six months before they turn 18.

However, they will not be given a licence until they pass the test and complete 18 years of age.

Reportedly, the move aims to help students who can utilise their break before joining universities to obtain a driving licence. In reality, there is not much substance behind this claim.

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Expat Driving License will be valid after Visa cancellation

According a recent ruling by Dubai Court of Cassation, former UAE residents can still use a valid driver’s licence while visiting Dubai even after having cancelled their residence visas.

Dubai Court of Cassation issued a recent ruling which stipulates that a person can continue using his or her UAE-issued driving licence as long as it remains valid and even after having cancelled the residence visa.

“When the authorities terminate a resident’s visa that does not mean that his/her driving licence is unusable as well. A driver’s licence remains valid in Dubai as long as it hasn’t expired. The document is considered applicable provided it was issued upon a valid residence visa,” said the landmark ruling which was issued upon a traffic case that surfaced at Dubai courts recently.