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Sometimes in life, we need to take a break to relax and re-energize our mind, body, and spirit.

Dubai is a magnificent city that allows tourists to calm down as they take advantage of the many attractions. It is home to stunning scenic sights, fascinating cultures, lively nightlife, water-skiing, dhow cruising, Moroccan bath, massages, and historic landmarks.

 It is one of the most unique places in the world. If you need a break from the hassles of city life, then Dubai is the place to be. The destination is ideal for taking your mind off work and everyday life. With a lot of heart-pumping activities to explore, you require some insights to what is available to help you plan your holiday.

Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek

A trip down the historic creek on the wooden dhow is quite refreshing. You will enjoy the landscape of Dubai and the shining skyline from the water. The dhow cruise takes you around the Dubai Marina in two hours as you drink, dine, and relax. The Corniche Greek and the sparkling skyscrapers of Abu Dhabi will amaze you. The cruise unveils a panoramic beauty that keeps changing along the voyage.

Inhale the scents of Dubai Miracle Garden

Every year, the Dubai Miracle Garden comes to life with an irresistible blend of scents and colours. The presence of these flowers and their aroma triggers an everlasting experience. The garden blooms with its 150 million flowers arranged in colourful patterns. The many shapes formed are quite striking. During sunset, the soft lighting and bright skies make the garden enthralling.

Take a plunge with dolphins at Atlantis, The Palm

Dolphins are adorable mammals that you will get to meet at Dolphin Bay. You can also swim with them. Enjoy 30 minutes of bonding with the dolphins as you hug and kiss them. This will be a lifetime connection that will remain entrenched in your mind for a long time to come.

Engage in beach sports at Kite Beach

Apart from sun-soaking, the beach offers all sorts of sports to loosen up. Kite surfing, swimming, paddle boarding, skating, volleyball, outdoor gym, and zip-lining are some of the sports that can relieve you of stress. Running and cycling are other options you can pursue.

Indulge in dune bashing as part of your desert safari

If you are in love with speed, this is for you. Drive against the winds in the Dubai desert. Take a dune drive across the red sands while touring the desert. Gush through the sand as you race your life and experience peace in the process. This escapade will boost your adrenaline. While at it, you can give sand boarding a try.

Loosen yourself in the nightlife

The diversity of Dubai’s nightlife has a lot to offer. The Emirati are not as conservative as other Muslim regions. Popular international artists are invited to entertain their fans in Dubai. They thrill their fans with excitement. You get to loosen up by dancing the night away with a sip of your favourite drink. Notably, most clubs open at around 2100 hours and close at 0300 hours.

Encounter calmness at Alma Retreat in Ras-al-Khaimah

The Alma Retreat calms your spirit with wholly organic diets, deep meditation classes, themed retreats, and motivating desert yoga classes. You get to choose the activities to engage in from the comfort of a tent. The retreat centre is away from the buzz of city life. It is a golden chance to detach people from their routine lives, nurture their souls, and readily build their self-worth.

Unwind with a massage at Armonia Spa 

A twenty-minute rub on a specific area can relieve stress, get the blood flowing and leave you rejuvenated. There is no way you can miss the invigorating services of a spa. You will be pampered with a full body massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, or hot stone massage. 

You can also soak up in a Moroccan bath, relaxing, and other spa treatments. It is truly a universe of soothing sounds, refreshing aroma, and relaxing touches at a friendly cost.

Participate in camel riding in Dubai Desert  

Ensure you spare time to ride on camels in the Dubai desert. If you do not fancy rides, you can watch camel races. Some of these races involve camels driven by robots. They are interesting to watch and will blow your heart away.    

Go skiing indoors in this desert land

Ski Dubai offers an assortment of pastimes designed to keep you busy and at ease. There are snow park rides where you can ski or snowboard. Lessons are in place for those that cannot ski or snowboard. You also get to meet penguins in the heart of Dubai.

You cannot go wrong in choosing Dubai as your relaxing destination. The numerous pastimes will leave you mesmerized and yearning for more. You are welcome to make this city your holiday of choice each year.


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