Dubai Roads Development for Expo2020: 12-lane Al Ittihad Bridge to replace Floating Bridge

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Al Ittihad Bridge to replace Floating Bridge Dubai

Dubai is gearing up for Expo2020 and it is evident from announcement of new infrastructure projects across the Emirate. Recently, Dh7.036 billion budget of the Roads and Transport Authority RTA for 2014 has been approved, with Dh3.88 billion allotted for existing and new road projects including the Al Ittihad Bridge that will replace the Floating Bridge.

The Al Ittihad Bridge, a 12-lane bridge with six lanes in each direction, will replace the existing Floating Bridge. The 61.6 metre wide bridge will have an arch that rises 100 metres, enabling traffic movement non-stop all day and passage of bulky ships on Dubai Creek underneath. The bridge will also have a footpath in each direction.

RTA will award a contract for constructing Al Ittihad Bridge by the end of the year and it is scheduled to be completed in three years.




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