Ramadan, Dubai and CoronaVirus: Dos and Donts

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Ramadan is a month of socializing, people do suhour and iftar together, there are iftar tents and majlis everywhere – not to mention Taraweeh, the night congregational prayers. All in all, Dubai bustles with activity during the Ramadan.

However, this year is different due to the ongoing CoronaVirus pandemic. There’s an extensive disinfection drive in Dubai with residents limited to their homes and only essentials services allowed to operate.

To ensure a safe and healthy Ramadan for the residents, Dubai Economic Department has issued a guideline related to social distancing and precautions against the CoronaVirus.

CoronaVirus Safety Measures: The Do’s and Don’ts during Ramadan in Dubai

  1. No gathering of more than 10 people is allowed. This include gatherings at private places.
  2. Social distancing guidelines: Physical contact should be avoided during social interactions. This include handshaking, hugging or any other form of physical contact. A physical distance of at least 6 feet should be maintained.
  3. Gatherings at suhoor and iftar should be limited to immediate family members or very close friends.
  4. No food should be donated outside, except under the supervision of relevant authorities and organizations.
  5. Avoid sharing food with others. In case it is very necessary, like receiving food from family, carefully transfer it to clean containers at home.
  6. Congregational prayers during Ramadan are not allowed except at home by family members who live at same place.
  7. Visiting high risk individuals, the elderly or people with chronic disease,  should be avoided. This is for their safety as well as yours.
  8. Live-in domestic workers should be instructed not to meet people outside and not accept food or other stuff from outside. They should be provided with protective gear when leaving house for external chores.
  9. Leaving the house is advised only for necessities and with proper protection including gloves, masks etc.
  10. Sanitisers should be used readily especially when interacting with others.



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