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dubai mall open after coronavirus lock down

Dubai Economic Department has issued detailed guidelines and protocols for the opening of shopping malls as CoronaVirus lock-down restrictions are easing.

DED post Coronavirus Guidelines for Shopping Malls in Dubai:

Operating hours and occupancy: 

  • Malls in Dubai would open for 10 hours per day and could not go over 30 per cent occupancy.
  • A visitor could only stay for a maximum of three hours.

Safety procedures at entry, exit points and inside the malls: 

  • Thermal scanners or camera would be installed at malls.
  • Malls are asked to have electronic doors, instead of manual ones, with separate entry and exit points.
  • Everyone entering the mall including staff, visitors and contractors, would go through a temperature scanning and health check.
  • All mall entry points had to be open to ensure crowding did not take place as visitors went through a health check at entry points.
  • Elderly and children between three to 12 would not be allowed to enter.
  • Valet services would also not be provided.
  • Hand sanitisers would be provided and everyone has to wear face masks – non-compliance of face masks will result in denial of entry.
  • Malls should have isolation rooms, in the event that a potential positive case is found.
  • Trial rooms would have strict santisation procedures, after each use.
  • Cleaning team also needs to be fully staffed, with toilets being sanitised after each use.
  • High-touch points also need to be cleaned frequently.


Safety procedures for Gold, Jewelry and Personal Care items:

  • No trial will be available for personal care items.
  • Gold and jewelry items also have strict sanitisation protocols.

Social Distancing inside the malls:

  • Social distancing also needs to be practiced by everyone at the mall.
  • Elevator should not be filled for more than 30 per cent of capacity. However, this is not applicable if all occupants belong to same family.
  • The 30 per cent limit needs to be adhered across spaces within the establishments – stores, restaurants or hallways.
  • Tables for dine-in also need to be kept at least six feet apart.
  • Parking space would also be closed to ensure only 25 per cent space is provided.


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