Water Free Urinals in UAE

water free urinalNext time you use a urinal in a public park or government building in Dubai, just leave and don’t look for the flush. That’s because the Dubai Municipality has installed nearly 500 water-free urinals across the emirate.

By contrast, the water-free urinal uses a replaceable cartridge filled with a lighter-than-water sealant liquid that floats and acts as a trap and filter on top of the urine collected in the U-bend. This prevents the release of odours.

The water-free urinal is a patented technology first introduced in the early 1990s, but it is only now that it is catching up in the Middle East.

45: locations in which the urinals will be installed including 14 parks, seven public markets, five government buildings, 17 public toilets and the dhow wharfage

52: million litres of water will be saved per year by the new urinals

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