RTA launches e-hailing service Hala with Careem, Phone booking for Dubai Taxis to stop soon

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Hala Careem Dubai Taxi
The phone booking system for Dubai taxis will be phased out as RTA plans to expand the e-hailing service, in association with ride-hailing firm Careem.

A joint venture of RTA and Careem, Hala is a company providing online booking service of Dubai taxis that piloted through ride-hailing firm Careem’s App.

With the official launch of Hala in September, as many as 5,500 taxis, almost 50 per cent of the total fleet of Dubai taxis run by seven franchises, will offer the e-hailing service through the app.

Hala plans to cover the whole fleet of taxis in Dubai under its platform by the beginning of 2020.

Through Hala service, which is optional on the Careem App, residents and visitors will be able to find the closest Dubai taxi available, see a fare estimate and time of arrival before booking their ride and connect their credit card for easy, hassle free payment via the app.

Hala users will also be able to avail the other benefits offered on the Careem App such as food delivery service and loyalty programme rewards.

Fares, cancellation charges:

Dubai Taxi prices through Hala e-hailing service on Careem App will start from Dh8 during regular hours, Dh9 at night and Dh12 during peak hours.

There will be a cancellation charge of Dh12 if the booking is cancelled in three minutes. Additional charges for waiting will have to be paid if the booking is cancelled after three minutes.


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