Skycourts Towers in Dubailand without air conditioning since last 10 days

It is scorching hot in Dubai with mercury rising above 40 degrees during the day.

This is the time when even the thought living without air-conditioners is nerve shattering. Consider the misery of those who have to live without cooling for 10 days.

Skycourt Towers DubailandEmirates 24×7 reports that Skycourts Towers in Dubailand, the 6-tower landmark on the Dubai-Al Ain highway, is having air-conditioning issues since last 10 days.

The Owners’ Association Management has set up a notice in the elevators which admits to a “cooling issue”. It reads:

We regret to inform that there has been a cooling issue in the whole Skycourts buildings for last two days. The reason for the disturbance in the cooling service was attributable to a technical issue in the Empower facility… therefore could not provide the required standard cooling temperature to Skycourts buildings.”

“We are in direct contact with Empower since the issue [was] identified and they have assured that their teams are currently working round the clock to resolve it.”

The residents believe Owner Association is at fault.

As, a resident asked: “Why [the] AC is not working in my apartment? I’m paying my bill as well. Worst service from Skycourts…. Bad smell comes as well but still nothing has happened from last 4 months.”

Another resident, NN, reacting to the notice said: “Couple of days? It not cooling for the last 10 days! I’m waiting for the day we finish the contract and move away.”

WA pointed out that “It’s not the filter or servicing. An engineer friend had warned me that the chiller system in Skycourts will not be able to meet the cooling demand in summer. Its capacity is just too low.”

One of the residents pointed out that the corridors are cooler than the homes to which another quipped: “Let’s all shift to the corridors… or put up tents next to the swimming pool :).”

Life is not as easy as it seems in Dubai.

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5 Responses to Skycourts Towers in Dubailand without air conditioning since last 10 days

  1. raheal October 4, 2015 at 2:21 pm #

    simple replace the in-capable management with a better management. the owner association is good for nothing. You visit their office in the corner on 4th floor A Tower, which is there records office. It stinks so bad let alone. How do we expect to get better from their service.

  2. James Parker September 2, 2015 at 12:48 pm #


    Alpha Utilities… is the company supposed to be supplying the AC in the apartments. They are worse than useless. They charge 250AED a month for the supply of cool air to your apartment, (then you have to pay ontop for the hours that you have used it).

    For 3 months now (tower C) i have had very poor air flow and poor cooling temperatures from my AC. It does not manage to cool down the apartment at all. I have continuously emailed and phoned Alpha Utilities but with no answer, i have been round to their office in tower A and it is closed. I once had an AC technician who said he works for them outside my apartment on a ladder checking inside the ceiling, he climbs down and tells me its working fine. i showed him my apartment and how hot it was and even got him up the ladder and infront of the ducts to show that there is only a little air flow. He tells me a service is required and filter cleaning, which tenant has to pay for, he then tells me he will come back at the same time tomorrow to do it if i pay him 150AED, i agree, next day…. nobody comes…

    I would like to point out that they are extremely poor at customer service and providing this service however are extremely prompt at delivering my bill under the door every month and even put threatening messages to cut their service up in the lifts for people who are not paying their bills on time.

    THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE… i am now searching for a company to perform a service and clean the filters on the AC unit but prices are ranging from 150aed to 700aed…

    Also i noticed the other day that on the bill it says their website address ‘spelt incorrectly’, when you finally get onto their website it says they have social media groups on twitter and facebook however i could not find them. I believe this is because of the amount of bad reports they were getting…

    It is coming towards the end of my lease and i am now looking at moving building. It is a shame as the apartment i am in is perfect, but i cant go without an AC any longer.



  3. sadiq September 14, 2013 at 9:06 pm #

    all the problems i do face, high ac, bills, if u dont agree to pay the unreasonable bills which is a day light robbery it reach 4000 dhs for 3 months this is totally unexptable, people are selling their appartments, and those who rant they are leaving cause of these bills, ,, thives, will install fans on the doors to pull air into the falts from the corridor its cooler outside hehe!

  4. mariana May 11, 2012 at 7:35 pm #

    i smell the bad toilet odour everytime i reach my floor in tower B of skucourts. Even inside my appartment i am dealing with this bad smell every single day. very disgusting indeed and am worried that it would be toxic to my 2 year old child.

  5. Marcus May 10, 2012 at 9:08 pm #

    The TV Satellite antenna in tower B is not working as well. so most of the TV channels are not received, It has been like that since we moved in almost 3 months ago – management is just turning a blind eye on that issue and is not even responding.

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