Drydocks World to build Underwater Hotels in Dubai

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World Discus Hotel - Dubai Underwater Hotel

Underwater Hotels are the next big thing in luxury resort business, not to mention top tourist attraction. Residents and visitors of Dubai will soon have another luxury at their disposal, as underwater hotels are soon coming to Dubai.

Arabian Business reports that Drydocks World, the shipbuilding arm of Dubai World, has announced plans to build a series of underwater hotels in the Dubai.

Drydocks World said it has signed an agreement with a Swiss contractor to develop the World Discus Hotel, which is partly submerged under the sea. It will be first Dubai underwater hotel.

Underwater Hotels DubaiWorld Discus Hotels comprise of two discs – an underwater and above-water one. The two parts of the structure will be connected by three legs and a vertical shaft containing a lift and stairway.

The hotel “discs” are to be located up to 10m below the surface and will include 21 rooms next to an underwater dive center and bar.

Guests will be able to operate miniature vehicles from inside their rooms that will take blown-up photographs of the surrounding sea creatures.

The land station is located in the famous Jumeirah beach. This land station of the Dubai Underwater Hotel is the entry point to the hotel. It is from this important point, that the guests can gain admission into the hotel. The land station is in the shape of wave, on entering which, the guests get to view some high tech cinema presentation, on everything related to the aquatic life – as an introduction to what they are about to experience. Guests also get to know more on the underwater architecture of the hotel.

The station houses a few marine biology research labs, houses for the staff, parking spaces, and also a few conference centers. The connecting tunnel – almost 515 meters long, is another vital part through which people will be transported by a special train to the main hotel from the land station.

The third element which makes up the grand luxurious hotel is the heavenly suites. There are about 220 suites, which are all located underwater.

According to Drydocks World, BIG InvestConsult will provide the required technological expertise for the unusual concept.

 The World Discus Hotel is not technically the world’s first underwater hotel, but it is the most lavish and probably the best of underwater hotels built so far.


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