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Here is another shocker from Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA). According to a report, ID Card renewal is a must with a job change.

Residents who change jobs will have to renew their National Identity Cards as well, according to Emirates Identity Authority (Eida).

Those who change their residency visas and do not renew their ID cards will be considered as violating law and will be required to pay fines, reported ‘Al Ittihad’ newspaper.

Eida urged residents to keep a close watch on the expiry of ID cards vis-a-vis visa validity to avoid paying fines.

Abdul Aziz Sultan Al Ma’amari, Director, Public Relations and Marketing, Eida, said: “The Authority appeals to public to check validity of their residency visas and ID cards. Those who change or renew their residence visas or transfer sponsorships must speed up their ID card renewal process in order to meet the deadline given for each emirate to avoid paying fines.”


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