Shaheen the Camel predicts World Cup winner

Shaheen the Camel predicts World Cup

In World Cup 2010 it was Paul the Octopus who predicted, almost correctly, the winners for every draw. This time we have a predictor in our own backyard. The four-legged seer, known as Shaheen the Camel, is a Dubai resident.

Shaheen the Camel is owned by Matar Al Jabri, known as “The Yellow Man” among UAE’s camel racing community, as he is always decked out in the colour of his favourite football team, Al Wasl.

Shaheen the Camel is not alone, though. Shaheen will have to face tough competition from a group of cute panda cubs from Sichuan province, China and Nelly, the  German elephant  in order to become the next animal oracle for the World Cup.

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