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Kids love snacks, and mothers turn to chicken nuggets, burgers, sausages, and shawarmas to provide healthy meals to their children.

However, most of the chicken based frozen food other there contains MDM based ingredients, causing serious health hazards to your kids.

Most of the chicken sausages and chicken nuggets that you give your kids or loved ones are made with MDM. Have you ever wondered why the sausages look red and are cheap? It’s all because of MDM. The funny part is, the companies don’t even have to declare it.

If you are a human being, you must really read this. If you are a wonderful, health conscious, kind and family-first human being, then you must really, really read this!

MDM means Mechanically Deboned Meat. Although it sounds fancy, MDM actually means “meat like thing” made from crushed bones, bone marrow, skin, nerves, blood vessels, and the scraps of meat remaining on the bones.

Disgusting, right?

freshly foods no mdmNot only MDM is disgusting (once you know what it constitutes), it has serious health implications too. As MDM trimmings are typically collected from more bacteria-prone parts of the animal, it is treated with ammonia to kill the pathogens.

This means a double whammy for the consumers – either they are exposed to the risk of getting affected by E. coli and salmonella, or get their internals damaged by consuming ammonia treated product.

Fortunately, residents of Dubai, and UAE, can purchase MDM free products by frozen food providers such as Freshly Foods, whose products are made up of pure chicken breast meat with guaranteed Zero MDM.

Freshly Foods use superior and healthier ingredients like lean chicken breast meat with lower fat and sodium content – No MDM and no meat fillers.

freshly foods chicken tempura nuggets shawarma

Freshly Foods products are available at all supermarkets including the LULUs and the CAREEFOREs.

zing o wings

No MDM, No Pink Slime, Just Frozen Freshly Food for pure chicken nuggets, chicken burgers, chicken sausages, chicken shawarmas and other chicken products. For further details, visit their website or instagram page.


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