Emirates Airline launches 24-hours early check-in service

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Emirates offer 24 hours early checkinIn order to ease the summer holidays pressure, and to cut long check-in queues, Emirates Airline is offering a 24-hours early check-in service for passengers.

The facility, located adjacent to Terminal 3 car park area in Zone C, allowing passengers to check-in up to 24 hours in advance – except those travelling to the United States.

To provide a more seamless and efficient travel experience, 16 counters at the new check-in facility will allow passengers to not just check-in, but also drop off their luggage, obtain their boarding pass, and have the flexibility to return to the airport at their convenience and proceed directly to immigration.

The check-in facility will operate throughout the week from 5pm to 10am, targeting the peak overnight travel period.

The facility is expected to draw in passengers who travel in large groups, along with parents travelling with young children.

From: Emirates 24|7


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