Dubai Parents to get into legal contract with schools when enlisting their children

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dubai modern high schoolDubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has announced that, from now on, parents and schools will have to sign on a legal contract.

Titled the School Parent Contract, it will include “refund and admission policies, school fees, attendance and punctuality, as well as health and safety provision and transportation,” the KHDA said in a statement.

“It will also address parental responsibilities such as providing schools with accurate medical, psychological and educational assessment records.”

This step, the education regulatory authority believes, will help benefit both parties.

It is designed to “promote positive relationships and protect the rights of both schools and families,” it says.

The signing of Parent School Contract will be mandatory for student registration and will be rolled out to six schools at the start of the 2013-14 year.

The schools are:

– Dubai Modern Education School
– Al Ittihad Private School – Al Mamzar
– Al Ittihad Private School – Jumeriah
– School of Modern Skills
– Greenwood International School
– American Academy in Al Mizhar

The contract will involve a total of 9,632 students.

KHDA will determine whether the contract will be effective in reducing disputes between parents and schools in these schools.

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1 thought on “Dubai Parents to get into legal contract with schools when enlisting their children”

  1. Dubai Modern Education School is not protecting the students well.

    School teachers and supervisors are keep on shouting. Employing higher percentage of arab women worsen the education level management. This school should not get even “acceptable” in Khda assessment. Let the admin and teachers and employees learn first before they try to teach others.. specially young youth who will be the successor of the future.

    Let an investigation happen here and find out how bad behavioural an arab employee had.

    Desperate parents.

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