Nomo Jeans Store in Dubai to provide exact measured Jeans using 3D scanner

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Nomo Jeans Store

Nomo Jeans Store, a Finland based custom Jeans store, has launched its outlet at Jumeirah’s Sunset Mall.

Nomo Jeans are custom-made denim jeans tailored using a cutting-edge 3D scanner which creates a digital image of a buyer’s precise body measurements.

According to their website, Nomo Jeans are tailored using the following principles:

3D body scanning. This is an existing technology (it is widely used in e.g. the movie industry), but we have made some pretty clever improvements and are among the first to extensively use it in the fashion industry.

Automated pattern creation based on customer measurements and selected features. There is a group of tools and techniques in this area but we have made some key innovations and own applications on top of the existing systems.

Flexible mass-tailoring. Mass production is not our thing and traditional bespoke tailoring is far too expensive – therefore we mass-tailor your jeans. This may sound pretty simple, but creating a practical, working solution has been far from trivial.

The Nomo Jeans store in Jumeirah’s Sunset Mall contains a solarium-like chamber in its showroom that captures a buyer’s exact measurements once they have stripped down to your bare essentials and stepped into the chamber.

Customers then choose from a range of styles, colours, effects and details to create their very own made-to-measure pair of denims, with prices starting at an affordable $252 per pair.

Nomo Jeans opened its doors in DIFC last week and features a state-of-the-art turntable foot scanner that creates a 360 degree digital image of a buyer’s feet and their exact measurements.

Customers have to do is wear a pair of neon socks and step onto the footprint shapes placed on the elevated scanner. Once their identical foot details have been entered into the system, the shoes can be personalised by hand-selecting design options, including style, colour, material, sole and even a personalised inscription.

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