All Returning Residents must have mandatory Covid19 test results with them

mandatory covid19 test residents travel to UAE
The UAE government has announced pre-departure COVID-19 tests will be mandatory for returning foreign nationals with valid residence permits from July 1.

The announcement was made by the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority and the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

Passengers without a negative test within 72 hours of departure will not be allowed to board their flight to UAE.

The test must be completed at an accredited laboratory, currently found in 106 cities across 17 countries.

For residents returning from countries without accredited laboratories, a COVID-19 test must be completed on arrival and they will be directed to quarantine for 14 days.

Individuals will bear all costs for tests and quarantine.

All returning residents are required to download a certified app so they can be monitored while in quarantine and to monitor their health.

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