Royal Bazar online marketplace in Dubai acquired by a regional conglomerate

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Royal BazarRoyal Bazar, an ecommerce startup headquartered in Dubai and one of the leading online marketplace for supermarkets, pet shops & other businesses has been acquired by a regional conglomerate operating over 55 stores in the UAE.

In the current digital phase where everyone is ordering everything online, royal bazar was one of the consistent players within the industry. Having begun their journey in the end of 2016, their trajectory has been incredible; initially only serving Business Bay however with growth in their brand identity and brand name they served all of UAE by May 2017 from their website and their app on IOS and Android.

A young & motivated team established royal bazar from an office resembling one of startups in San Francisco. Royal Bazar’s USP was that “they were the easiest way to shop your daily needs in just a few clicks straight from your mobile! Your order is delivered from a trusted local shop to your home or office in about 60 minutes depending on location”

Royal bazar was acquired for an undisclosed amount and the terms consist of absorbing the whole company and re-branding it under a new name and so the website has been disabled and the app removed from the IOS and Android app store. We are incredibly happy for royal bazar and they deserve the acquisition for building an army of loyal customers and providing every customer with quality products in record time.


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