Ending your fast in Dubai Metro will invite a fine

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Ending fast in Dubai metro not allowed in Ramadan

Guess what? If you are fasting, don’t ride Metro near Maghrib time. Why? Because, ending your fast inside the Metro trains during Ramadan will invite a fine.

Ramadan Abdullah, Director of Operations of Rail Agency at the RTA, said: “Eating is not allowed on the trains. And this rule won’t change. Anyone inside the train who wants to end his fast can just disembark at the next station. People can sit on the chairs in the platforms and eat.”

Yes. The RTA believe its Metro is more precious than fasting Muslims.

Also, parents who wish to feed their babies must also disembark at the nearest Metro station — but should not feed their baby inside the trains.

“Honestly, we’ve seen someone feeding a child on the train and wiping her hand on the seat. Others wouldn’t like to use dirty seats. Hence, we would like to protect other commuters by avoiding possible spillage of food or mess created while eating. We also have to protect our assets. We don’t want to end up with dirty and smelly units.”

Is this how the trains managed in civilized parts of the world?


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