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sponsor your family in dubai

Dubai is a highly sought after place to settle down and especially since it is the regional hub of business and commerce. Everyone wants themselves and their families to experience the fast-paced life of Dubai. Here is a list of requirements to sponsor your family in Dubai so that you can all enjoy the city as a family.

Who is Eligible to Sponsor their Families in Dubai?

If you want to sponsor your family in Dubai, to be eligible you must have accommodation along with a Dh 3,000-4,000 at the very least. Thanks to the revised law, an expat working in any profession can sponsor their family’s visa.

Sponsoring Your Family

After you enter Dubai, you have a time frame of 60 days to get your family’s residence visa. However, once they enter Dubai they are provided with an entry permit which is then turned into a residence visa.

How Long Does The Sponsorship Visa Last?

Sponsorship or family visas are valid for up to 1-3 years. The duration of the visa relies on the duration of the expats contract and the nature of their work.

Sponsored residents may also get the same duration as their sponsors except for sons that are pursuing their education and parents. In these cases, the visa is granted every year which can then also be renewed annually.

Medical Requirements for family visas:

To sponsor your family in Dubai, individuals from your family that has surpassed the age of 18 will be required to go through a medical fitness test. However, these tests can only be conducted at government recommended facilities in the UAE.

There are two main diseases that individuals are tested for:

  • HIV
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis

If any of these test results are positive the individual will be deported immediately.

Tuberculosis – Inactive or Dormant

In some cases, for example, if your TB is dormant, you may be granted a Dubai visa. However, it is granted along with a ‘Health Fitness Certificate for Residence’ where you are to be treated. In the end, you are required to get tested again with the appropriate authorities.

As with applying for any visa, it is best to check for medical requirements and get them tested beforehand to avoid any mishaps later on.

Sponsoring Your Wife and Children in Dubai:

To get a Dubai visa for your wife you must be able to provide an authenticated marriage certificate that has been translated into Arabic.

In certain cases, you may be able to sponsor two wives as well. However, to be eligible to do this you must meet certain requirements outlined by the GDRFA.

Sponsoring Daughters:

You can sponsor your daughter as long as she is unmarried and still under your care.

Sponsoring Sons:

Sponsoring your son can have many more conditions attached to it. If you are to sponsor your son in Dubai, you can only do so till the age of 18. The criterion to be able to sponsor your son after the age of 18 is that they must be pursuing an education whether in the UAE or abroad. You can only sponsor your son like this till the age of 21. This way his visa remains valid till he ended his education.

Can I Get a Longer Visa For My Son?

Your son can even get a one year visa but under the circumstance that your son is either graduating from a university, finishing secondary school or has completed 18 years of age. This visa can be renewed a year after the graduating date or once your son has turned 18.

The best part is this visa does not require bank deposits. However, the visa does require an initial Dh100 to issue and renew it.

Documents Required To Fulfill Your Visa Application:

To sponsor your family in Dubai you need to have the following documents on hand:

  • Your online application
  • Passport copies of the involved individuals
  • Passport pictures
  • A medical clearance form for wife and any children of legal age (18)
  • Your contract with your employer or company
  • Your marriage certificate (translated into Arabic)
  • A registered tenancy contract
  • Your latest utility bill

Check about family visa fees here.

What You Need to Know About Sponsoring Your Parents in Dubai:

Being an expat you can sponsor your family in Dubai and that includes your parents. By UAE’s laws, you can sponsor your parents for a year. However, it is important to know that you need to sponsor both parents. If either of your parents has passed away or your parents are divorced, you will need to show the appropriate certification.

However, there is a different eligibility criterion for you to sponsor your parents. You are required to have a minimum of Dh19,000-20,000 along with accommodation that houses two bedrooms.

Women Can Sponsor Their Families

For females, you can sponsor your family in Dubai as well. However, this is confined by your profession. For a woman to be able to sponsor her family, she needs either need to be an engineer, teacher or something in the medical field. Furthermore, you are required to have a minimum of Dh8,000-10,000 along with accommodation.

However, in some cases, women from different professions may be able to sponsor their families under the condition that their minimum salary is Dh10,000 combined with special permission from the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs).

To sponsor a child however, her husband must provide her with a no-objection letter.

Sponsoring Your Children and Stepchildren

For single mothers or mothers seeking to sponsor her stepchildren, there is a requirement for no-objection letters from biological parents in both cases. The process is complete with a deposit and you will have a visa that is valid for a year. These visas can be renewed every year.

Visa Cancellation or Expiration

As mentioned before you can sponsor your family in Dubai for up to 1-3 years. It does well to keep in mind that if your sponsors’ visa is canceled it leads to the cancellation of the dependents visas. After cancellation, you are offered a 30-day period during which you are to get ta new visa or leave the UAE. However, if you fail to leave the country or get another visa your status will change into illegal residents and you may have to pay a fine.


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