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Whether you have just arrived for a short period or you’re here for the long haul, learning how to save money in Dubai is definitely worth your time.

In terms of costs especially food, Dubai is reasonably expensive (but proportionally lower than rental costs). If you want to head out for dinners and lunches there are options to suit every pocket, although of course the glitzier options in international hotels and set on the waterfront will be at the higher end of the scale.

If you’re looking to save a few quick bucks every month, then you can opt for a meal plan subscription service that takes care of your office lunch and dinner at home. There are many such meal subscriptions currently available in the city.

Choosing the Right Meal Subscription Plan

One the best saving hacks that you can use to up your savings is choosing the right meal subscription plan.
The question that pops up now is which meal plan should you subscribe to? As a first rule of thumb, go for a meal plan that’s healthy, and offers you variety of flavours while adding ease to your day. And yes, it should be priced economically.

Meals On Me is one such kind of meal subscription service that offers you these and more! It is ‘the’ meal plan that you takes care of your health and wallet as well! The leading and preferred meal plan service in Dubai, Meals On Me Besides brings you freshly prepared food, rich in varied nutrients, with free delivery at your doorstep every day.

How Meals On Me Helps You SAVE MORE

• FREE Delivery Enhances Savings
At Meals On Me, you pay only for the food that you ordered and nothing else. Their free delivery on all meals means that there are no unexpected costs that you need to pay.

The free meal delivery of your office lunch or dinner at home at no extra cost lets you enjoy the best of both the worlds – healthy food with added convenience and more savings!!

• No Grocery Bills To Pay
Opting to join Meals On Me can help you quit cooking. No cooking means there are no trips to the supermarket that you need to undertake. This slashes your expenses spent on grocery shopping drastically.

Often overlooked, but grocery shopping can be quite expensive forcing you to keep a chunk of money aside for it every month. Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the cost of food staples, like meat and eggs, have risen the fastest in decades. With the cost of food spiralling skywards it only makes sense to go for Dubai’s best meal subscription services! Make the right choice and reap benefits of huge savings by striking away grocery expenses.

Instead of thinking hard on discovering different ways to keep your savings intact, dive in straight to getting yourself one of their Lunch Or Dinner Plans! You will be amazed with the savings that you will gain.

• No More Unwanted Supermarket Expense!
Meals On Me’s balanced and healthy meal plans save your money by keeping you away from buying unnecessary groceries from the supermarket. Want to know how? Their ready-to-eat chef-prepared meal plans require no meal prep and no cooking! This means that you no longer need to stock up on purchasing dishwashing essentials! That’s yet one more piece of savings coming right back to your wallet.

If you have ever tracked your expenses you would find out that convenience costs a lot more than most people realize. That’s exactly where you save more bucks with Meals On Me! You add ease to your life by spending more quality time with family and friends or pursuing doing what you like rather than being tied to your meal woes.

• Save More By Reducing Food Waste
Planning healthy meals with us saves you from buying unwanted food items as you are assured of finding the best healthy meal plan in Dubai for yourself.

Wasting food is the same as throwing out money. Not only do you spend money on groceries that just go into the trash, you also have to get them, bring them home (or pay for delivery), and store them. This all costs you time, energy, and of course, money.

By choosing Meals On Me, you can do away with the grocery shopping costs, save time with no cooking and kitchen chores. Now that’s what we call to be a win-win situation for you!


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