Emirates ID Card Deadline Gets Another Shuffle

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The deadline for Emirates ID Card is becoming a matter of joke now. The EIDA has came a long way from its initial stance of issuing threats to expats and locals unable to registerd of the card by December 31, 2008. However, the deadline kept changing and extensions were provided due to number of reasons including issues with EIDA registration systems, incompetency of EIDA staff to handle load and inability of EIDA to motivate locals and expats both to get registered on time.

Now, as Khaleej Times quotes Darwish Ahmed Al Zarouni, director-general of the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA), , Expatriates residing in the UAE can obtain their national ID cards until the end of 2010. While the nationals can apply for the ID cards until the end of March 2009, failing which a fine of Dh1,000 will be imposed on each individual.

Previously EIDA blamed expats of being complacent and not taking the deadlines seriously. Now, media is also included in the blame game as Al Zarouni accuses media of misreporting the deadline.

“Deadlines have been wrongly reported by a cross-section of the English and Arabic media in the country. But, once and for all, let me put the record straight, that all non-nationals residing in the UAE have until the end of 2010 to apply for their ID cards”.

Al Zarouni recommended that non-national professional residents working in the private sector, and their family members, register before the February 28 deadline. He, however, added that if they fail to register, they could do it at their convenience by the end of 2010.

Issuing a warning to the companies, he said:

“If the companies fail to cooperate, there is a possibility that they would be denied access to various important services in the country. It’s a bit too early to comment on the consequences faced by the establishments, if they failed to comply with the rules”.


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1 thought on “Emirates ID Card Deadline Gets Another Shuffle”

  1. frustrating and a waste of time.
    i finally tried to apply for id which would start with registered typing centers that wouldnt accept more jobs for at least 10-days or worse risk leaving your passport for 5-10 days. with all the pressures it wont be a surprise if your passport will be lost literally if not in translation. and i finally went to the karama post office waited 3 hours only to be told that the system is down or something in arabic which my equally frustrated arabic guy on the line, we decided to finally do it today and search for the place drove all the way to rashidiya all 3 of us stangers who became allies on the quest for the illusive typing centers, imagine if they themselves cannot process the task. im an architect myself so this is really mind boggling…
    they should have started it with new visa applications to have it on one go.
    with all the technology at our disposal cell pones internet, scouting physically walking from one typing centers to the next i figured etisalat and DU got the better deal by just the ponecalls we have to do to make it.
    my office has been calling me the whole day for scheduled meetings and appointments crucial to my work and i have just wasted the whole day only to end up nowhere, the system is down. that was also yesterday….

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