RTA to launch Nol cards for shopping and public transport fare payment

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rta to launch nol card

RTA loves to go plastic. After launching variety of cards to be used for buses and Metro, now it plans to launch a Nol card that can be used for credit/debit purchases as well as to pay the fare for various modes of public transport.

Currently, the RTA offers four types of Nol Cards for the Metro, including the Nol Silver Card for economy class, Nol Red Card (good for single journeys), Nol Gold Card for travel in the gold class (VIP) compartment of the Metro and Nol Blue Card, a personalized card with photo.

The proposed Nol card, code named “The Combi-Card”, will have following features:

– Personal details of the user including name and photo.
– Can be used for online services while SMS and email notifications send to keep the users updated.
– Will have balance protection facility (in case of loss/damage of card)
– Can be used as monthly pass
– Will have feature to offer approved fare discounts to students, senior citizens and special needs people.
– Will offer rewards under loyalty programme
– Can have facilities of auto reload and top up

Commuters will have to apply for the card just like any other credit/debit card.

I wonder why the RTA is re-inventing the wheel and why not it integrates all these features (and more) into Emirates Identity Card, so that it can also serve some purpose.


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