RTA announced 2 more Salik gates in Dubai

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Dubai Salik Toll Gate
Dubai Salik Toll Gate

RTA has announced 2 more Salik gates in Dubai that will go live from April 15.

In 2011, RTA announced its plans of building new Salk toll gates at strategic locations in Dubai.

The new Salik toll gates will be – the Al Mamzar Toll Gate at Al Mamzar Bridge on Al Ittihad Road and the Airport Tunnel Toll Gate.

The new gates will bring the total number of Salik points in Dubai to six.

According to RTA spokesperson, Al Ittihad Road is considered one of the busiest roads in Dubai with about 260,000 vehicles using it every day.

The Airport Tunnel is considered one of the key roads that serve the Dubai International Airport which will have the capacity to handle 110 million passengers per year by 2020.

Passengers travelling in Dubai taxis were previously exempted from Salik toll, not anymore. Last month, passengers travelling in Dubai taxis started paying the AED4 (US$1.1) fee to pass through Salik toll gates.

If the Toll gates are put in place with the intention of reducing traffic congestion, then why are the Salik gates not switched off during the night time?

Dubai residents are asking employers to add a Dhs 500 Salik allowance to their salaries.

Businesses near the Salik Gates have a joint letter of complaint to the RTA about the parking issue and being blocked in.



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