Taxi Commuters in Dubai have to pay Salik toll tax from 2013

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Salik tax on Dubai taxis

Taxi rides in Dubai going to be dearer at least by Dhs 4 per trip, if you are passing through a Salik toll gate. Consider this as a New Year gift by the RTA.

The Salik toll system, when introduced in July 2007, was also applicable to taxis. However, following numerous complaints by commuters who felt cheated, the toll was scrapped for taxis from December 2008. There are currently four Salik gates in Dubai, situated at Al Garhoud Bridge, near Mall of the Emirates on Sheikh Zayed Road, Safa Park and aAl Al Maktoum Bridge.

Taxi operators have been asked to upgrade their meters to a recently introduced system called D8, in order to automate the process of adding Salik fee to taxi fare.

Its time for the residents of Dubai to put their legs to work, or use a Metro. God bless you, if you’re an unsuspecting tourist.


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