Makani: Geo Address system for Dubai buildings to enable coordinate tracking

Dubai Municipality is launching a project to affix location coordinate plates to buildings in Dubai that will allow residents to accurately inform authorities, taxis or guests of their precise location. The new Makani satellite address system introduced by Dubai Municipality is accurate down to a metre and even shows the location of a building’s different entrances on smartphones and GPS devices.

Last year it was announced that Dubai Municipality will launch a new address system to make it easier to find the exact location of more than 130,000 buildings and locations in the city by the end of 2014.

Dubai municipality will start installing the plates early next year in around 120,000 buildings. The plates will display the location’s unique Makani 10-digit code generated by satellite. The code can be shared with emergency services or friends on the free Makani app to enable the receiver to view — and be guided to — the exact location.

Even foreigners or visitors who don’t know the name or right pronunciation of the place can let people know of their location using Makani numbers, which are part of a satellite coordination system.

Makani coordinates may also be converted to formats used on other location tracking systems such as DMS (Degree, Minutes, Seconds) and Latitude-Longitude within the app itself.

How Makani will work:

makani satellite coordination tracking in dubai
1. Click on the desired building on the Makani map in the app or website (
2. The selected building is highlighted with a blue boundary, showing its Makani coordinate number and entrance/s
3. A pop-up box allows the user to share the coordinates/address through social media, e-mail or SMS
4. The user can also convert the number into latitude-longitude format and share it with those who don’t have the Makani app installed
5. Coordinates also enable voice navigation to the address if needed

Alternatively, users can enter the coordinates plate numbers on a particular building (once these plates are installed in 2015) in the Makani app, or inform others who have Makani access of the coordinates by phone.
User can also scan the QR code (quick reference code) using smartphones to view and share location details.

Makani will definitely change the way people share addresses and locations in Dubai. Hopefully once it is implemented, businesses will put their Makani coordinates on their cards and official communication material. It will make the life of visitors and residence hassle free as they do not have to remember the street or building number.

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