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When you hit upon something or someplace that somehow moves you from deep within, a place that gives you a strange, indescribable feeling of how it affects your soul, you definitely have found what you’re looking for. And believe me when I say, you will find yourself daydreaming of that one day you will go back to that one, particular place. As for me, it is Vienna—the place where I discovered the beauty of solace while living the life of someone with a quintessential thirst for wanderlust.

Wien, Schönbrunn, 2014, copyright www.peterrigaud.com
Wien, Schönbrunn, 2014, Copyright Wien Tourismus

Vienna is a city where one can freely live the dream of the centuries-old lifestyle and at the same time be comforted in the modern world that is today. Don’t miss the chance to visit the imperial palaces and courtyards like the most visited sight: Schonbrunn Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site that has been preserved to its original, condition. The majestic opulent interiors of Schonbrunn are truly a feast on the eyes.  Another one that should be on your list is the Hofburg Palace. It’s one of those large palaces with in-house museums and a huge library.

One thing I truly admire about Vienna is how it was carefully designed and moulded over the past years to remain true to their very core. The coffee house tradition is still one of the best things to look forward to in Vienna because there’s no other place in the world that takes coffee very seriously and treats coffee house as an important institution than this city. They say that during the old times, critical discussions happen at the very heart of Vienna’s coffee traditions. And to give you a recommendation, try Cafe Central and Cafe Landtmann and experience how is it like to drink coffee in Viennese’ famous way.

Wien, Schönbrunn, 2014, copyright www.peterrigaud.com
Wien, Schönbrunn, 2014, Copyright Wien Tourismus

Downtimes in Vienna are best spent in baroque imperial gardens and parks that are scattered almost everywhere in the city. Some of the few best parks to enjoy good walks and sightseeing are, Stadpark, a park perfect for leisurely afternoons with a view of Vienna River; Belvederegarten, to stroll around the palace with stunning flowerbeds, statues, and fountains and; Burggarten, an art nouveau conservatory where the famous monument of Mozart is located and where you can find the butterfly house that contains hundreds of tropical butterflies.

There’s nothing more fulfilling for a human born with an intrepid soul than seeing the beauty of life in the form of rich history, culture, and well-preserved tradition. And Vienna for this matter topped all kinds of expectation from being that one dream city I will long for the rest of my life. A place where I found myself yearning for more of what Vienna can offer. Learn more about Vienna.


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