Emirates Post Office to discard ID Cards not picked up in 30 days

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EmpostThe Emirates Identity Authority has informed ID card applicants today through advertisements in local dailies that they must pick up their ID cards from Empost centres within 30 days of notification, or risk losing their card and the fees paid by them.

“30 days is the limit for picking up your ID card from an Emirates Post Office,” the ads published today said. “If not picked up, your card will be discarded and your fees will be forfeited,” it adds in bold red, without mincing any words.

UAE residents applying for the mandatory Emirates ID are notified of the ID card via SMS to their mobile phones. For those unsure of the status of their ID card application, the authority offers the facility to track the status of their applications for new, renewed or replacement cards by entering the application number or previous ID card number through its website, www.emiratesid.ae www.emiratesid.ae.

The other option is to call the authority’s contact centre (600 5 30003), and once the card has been delivered to Emirates Post, customers can track and trace their cards by visiting www.emiratespost.com www.emiratespost.com.

According to the Emirates ID’s statistics, 43 per cent of the customers picked up their ID cards 2 days after they had been notified accordingly. This compared to 20 per cent of the customers who picked up their ID cards after 4 days, 16.5 per cent within 7 days and 5 per cent within 14 days, while 16 per cent of the customers picked up their ID cards only after the elapse of more than 14 days from the date they were notified accordingly.

The Authority has called upon those customers who do not receive a notification within 30 days from the date of completion of registration procedures to call its contact center as their contact details could have been incorrectly entered in their registration form.

From: Emirates24x7


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