Six Month Labor Ban Maybe Scrapped

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Now, this is going to be something to soothe recession related tension expats are facing these days. As Arabian Business reports, the six-month labor ban in Dubai may be revised or scrapped altogether. The move comes in the wake of thousands of expatriates losing their jobs in Dubai due to tough economic conditions.

Currently, employees working outside the free zones and who resign or lose their jobs are automatically slapped a six month ban, preventing them from moving from one company to another. Unless the previous sponsor approves of it with a “no-objection certificate.”

Now, as more and more laborers are getting fired with each passing day, relaxing the six-month ban will provide an opportunity to the employers who want to re-hire from existing resource pool. It will certainly cut down the recruitment costs if an employee has to transfer from one employer to another, while not leaving UAE, rather than going for a fresh recruitment process.

This move will greatly help those who are being recently sacked due to the economic conditions as they can get new jobs without leaving and waiting for six-months, as in old system.


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