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If you are looking to work abroad, Dubai is an excellent place to head too. As one of the main hubs for global business, substantial salaries, tax-free living and relatively easy work visa policies, you’ll have the potential to secure a great opportunity for yourself. What is great about Dubai is that we can even look past work life and dive right into personal life knowing that there is so much to see and do. Whether you’re up for some thrill-seeking adventure or wanting to have some downtime; there are plenty of options available to you in Dubai. 

Balance is key and knowing how to keep your work life and personal life both in good form can be a tricky thing to manage. However, not undo-able. Having the right information will allow you to better understand how you can keep your life in check, and we have pulled together some information on how to keep work-life balance while working in Dubai. 

Working in another country is inevitably going to have some different perks or downfalls, however, these all fall into the “fairly normal” category. While working in Dubai, your workweek and hours will differ significantly to what you are used to. For instance, your week runs from Sunday to Thursday making Friday and Saturday your weekend. On top of this, while some companies like standard workday hours, others will include a significant break in between. You’ll be looking at working from around 8 am to 1 pm, have a good three-hour break, then head back in to work from 4 pm to around 7 pm. The three-hour break in between is due to the searing midday heat.

Dubai’s wealth has made industries flock towards it and set up shop. For instance, companies like Microsoft, Estee Lauder, Marriott and Alliance Insurance all have homes here. To go even further, many white-collar jobs are available here through finance, technology, hospitality, tourism, real estate, construction and more. Teaching jobs are also available and very sought after as teachers can receive much higher pay then in western countries. 

So, after putting in a good work week and wanting to let go of work stress, what is there to do to relax? With Dubai’s increasingly high tourism, it’s only obvious that they have incredible options when it comes to needing some downtime. They have the Atlantis The Palm where you can spend the whole day indulging in a massage, salt scrub, enjoy some lunch and access to the beach. You can even jump over to The Island where you can relax on a sun lounger on a private island off the coast. If you are into solitude while relaxing, this secluded spot will be right up your alley. You can also enjoy Cryotherapy sessions, Floatation Therapy, Relaxation Massages, take a retreat in the desert, rooftop yoga or even try an AlphaSphere hands-free spa treatment that is said to feel as though you are in the womb again. 

If you’ve enjoyed enough relaxation, you can start to dive into the world of sport and adrenaline. Luckily for you, sport is a huge part of Dubai’s culture and you’ll find little hubs of sporting facilities all around. You have an array of world-class golf courses, tennis courts and sports clubs to choose from. Even some major football clubs have built their training centres in Dubai. If you are into water sports, you can head to Sunset beach for some paddle boarding or surfing and kite beach for some kite-surfing. Desire something more blood pumping? Jump out of a plane, Ski in the desert or go to the Dubai Autodrome for some car racing. No matter what you are into, there will be something in Dubai perfect for you.

On the topic of sports, staying in shape in Dubai is extremely easy and manageable. Every gym you can envision is available here. Boxing clubs, climbing centres, CrossFit gyms, boot camps and running clubs, along with your good old general gym, are easy to spot and joyful to join. If you’re looking for another option, like surgical or non-surgical treatment, that is available here too. At Elite Style Polyclinic, you can find plastic surgery, medical aesthetics and anti-ageing treatments, body treatments, laser treatments and even dental aesthetics available to you. Using modern technology, having 12 years experience and a payment plan that offers its customers 0% interest, there is no way you can go wrong with Elite Style. 

A happy life in Dubai is an understatement of what you can accomplish here. With work-life being an invaluable opportunity to expand your experience and earn some great money. Your personal life can be just as abundant and joyful as in any western country too. Maybe even greater. Work-life balance in Dubai is doable and an experience you should come and see for yourself. 


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