Dubai Municipality ordered removal of Snapple Fruit Flavor Drink over excessive alcohol

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snapple fruit drinkDubai authorities have ordered a range of fruit flavoured drink to be withdrawn from supermarket shelves after it was found to contain excessive amounts of alcohol.

Dubai Municipality ordered the “fruit punch mixed fruit drink” and “peach flavoured tea” varieties of the drink Snapple be removed after they were found to contain 0.48 percent and 0.05 percent of alcohol respectively. The maximum alcohol limit allowed in such drinks is 0.03 percent and the withdrawal was ordered following a routine survey of consumer products.

Snapple comes in six varieties and had only just begun distributing its products in the UAE.

Six other Snapple flavours have been approved, including raspberry tea and pink lemonade.

Spinney’s in Khalidiyah in Abu Dhabi removed all flavours of the drink yesterday on the orders of their the head office. Management said concerns had been raised about the product.

Store staff were unsure if the drink would be brought back or if only the disputed flavours removed from sale.

Al Maya supermarkets in Dubai have done the same, withdrawing all Snapple products from the shelves. One store assistant said it had been deemed an “unfit product” by the municipality and every store around the UAE was told to withdraw all drinks.

Carrefour at the capital’s Marina Mall said they would continue to sell the product but only in four flavours. They were unaware of any problem with the product or legislation regarding its withdrawal.



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