Government Department in Dubai not paying salaries to Staff for months

Here is another news that defies government’s claims of “everything under control” and shows that even the government is feeling the impact of downturn and recession.

It is reported that more than 300 workers who are employed by a government department RTA in Dubai have claimed that they have not been paid for several months.

The workers have entered the country on work visas sponsored by the government department ten months ago, underwent a three-month training period to obtain a driving licence to work for this department but are waiting to start work since last seven months. According to the workers, their labor contract makes them eligible for Dhs 750 per month during the training and Dhs 4,500 salary per month when actual work starts. However, they have not received any payment as yet.

Some of the workers live in labour accommodation in Al Aweer and the others live in the industrial area of Sharjah.

The workers said they do not have enough money to even buy a meal.

Update: The “government department” turned out to be RTA who says payment is delayed because the expats are unable to finish their paperwork yet. Not finished the paperwork in ten months? Who is going to buy that?

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