Dubai Vehicle Owners asked to update License Plates

In a new campaign rolled out by the RTA in a public announcement, roads officials are asking vehicle owners who own registered number plates and those who don’t own their plates to upgrade to new-look plates.

dubai-license-plateAs reported here, the RTA said it “would like all car owners with owned registration number plates from A to Z to upgrade to the new plate design. And from May 2018, all car owners with unowned A, B and C number plates are requested to upgrade to the new plate design.”

For example, for short-length plates, upgrade cost is Dh35 per plate while for longer plates, the cost is Dh50.
For new plates, the cost will be Dh400, the RTA said, while luxury licence plates will cost Dh500.

The RTA encouraged drivers to sign up for the new regimen.

For more details, visit or call 800 9090.

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