Dubai RTA to launch Parking Permit System for overnight use in non-paid parking zones

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai is planning to launch a parking permit system for residents of the Emirates. The Type R parking permit system will be usable in non-paid parking zones overnight.

The step is being taken in response to the recurrent spotting of vehicles coming from other areas using residential parking slots at night, causing problems for local residents.

RTA Parking CardDirectional signs will be displayed prohibiting the parking of vehicles within the residential district at night unless they are issued with Type R parking cards.

The residents will be issued with Type R parking cards, depending on the size of the residential unit in terms of the number of rooms, and the type of accommodation (flat, house, villa).

A AED200 fine will be issued in respect of vehicles using such parking spaces without permits, with the RTA rolling out the parking permits to Al Mankhoul residential area on a trial basis.

The RTA said it plans to apply the permits to other residential areas in Dubai which are suffering from the same practice in the future.

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