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QR Code building in DubaiThis is a great and exicting news for Dubai.

The Dubai Municipality has launched a “Digital City” project in which each building in the emirate will receive a Quick Response Code having all details related to the building and the plot embedded on it.

The QR Code, also known as two-dimensional code or matrix barcode, will enable officials, landlords and the public easy electronic access to rightfully authorised data and services of the municipality and other government ?departments.

The codes, generally consisting black modules in a square pattern on a white background, can be read using camera phones with QR Code reader applications and smartphones that support barcode scanners.

Khaleej Times reports that the initial phase of the project will see the municipality allotting unique QR Codes to services offered by its various departments. By scanning the codes, users can quickly access the desired e-services of the municipality through their mobile phones.

This short cut will give them immediate access to e-application forms through which they can avail of the municipality’s services.

Marwan Ibrahim Nasser, head of Follow-Up Office at DM Director-General’s Office, said Dubai was the second city after New York to introduce QR Codes for building permit services.

Some of the DM services that can be accessed through QR Codes in the initial phase of the project include requests for plan permit, building permit renewal, permit for temporary use of plot, registration of new local consultants and contractors, changing contractor or consultant after issuing building permit, and for permanent connection with sewage network.

The Digital City project is also a part of the “Zero Visit” initiative of the municipality that aims at boosting its e-services to the optimum level so that customers will not be required to visit the DM centres for availing services and conducting transactions.


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