Breaking: Horrible Accident at Shahama, Abu Dhabi

This just got in, exclusive for DubaiExpatBlog readers.

A horrific accident happened at Shahama, Abu Dhabi.

Over 100 vehicles collapsed into each other due to fog and low visibility. The exact place of accident is yet not known but it is somewhere near the last ADNOC station towards Dubai.

Fortunately, relief and support activities have already started.

Update: Zeeshan says it happened at AL Rehba second interchange.

accident near shahama abu dhabi

car accident shahama abu dhabi

horrible accident shahama abu dhabi

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One Response to Breaking: Horrible Accident at Shahama, Abu Dhabi

  1. zeeshan April 2, 2011 at 11:55 am #

    its next to petrol station after AL Rehba second interchange, just went to the place

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