Du to provide 3D TV feed

duTelecom service provider du has joined the race to be among the first companies in the Middle East to provide its customers a three-dimensional television viewing experience.

The company announced that its one-year-old video-on-demand (VoD) service is now 3D-capable and has started airing its first 3D content.

Calling it a “3D first for the Middle East,” du is believed to be the first telecom company in the region to be out of the 3D gate on the leading edge of the 3D craze spawned in part by cinematic efforts this year such as Avatar.

The company said that it reached a deal with On Demand Group of the UK to air du’s first 3D movie, Street Dance3D.

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  1. Ahmed Khalil May 25, 2011 at 12:20 am #

    DEAR Humans, Plz never trust this company called (Du). I had a totally repelling and frustrating experience with it. This company is using prehistoric systems and procedures. Though it might provide good plans, but their customer support, technical support and IT suck. They never understand the meaning of customer care or satisfaction. I have been unplugged from network coverage for more than 5 days due to a mistake by a company employee. They never got back with excuse or compensation or at least phone call to update me with my issue status. It’s really the worst ever mobile operator around the globe. You can contact me, if you need any further information

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