Child birth costs to double up in UAE

child birth charges in uae to double up

If you are expecting a child and child birth costs are not insured or covered by the employer, you better start thinking about the alternatives.

Why? Because, child birth charges will soon go up 100 per cent at all Ministry of Health affiliated hospitals if you do not have a health card.

The cost of a normal delivery has gone up to Dh 5,000 from Dh 2,500. A caesarean’s cost has doubled to Dh 8000 from Dh 4,000.

Earlier, this year hospitals affiliated with the DHA increased the price of child delivery by 250 per cent. Natural birth costs rose to Dh 7000 from Dh 2,000, while caesareans increased from Dh 3,000 to Dh 9,000.

The cost of child delivery charges in private hospitals on an average costs Dh 8,500 in an one bedroom suite. A caesarean costs Dh 17,000 in a one-bedroom suite for a four-day stay.

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