Volkswagen Service Excellence: Enjoy Every Ride

Volkswagen enjoy every ride

Who knows your Volkswagen better than you?  Who can look after it better than you? Well, you are in for a surprise. Volkswagen has a new offer called “Service Excellence”. When you buy a new car from Volkswagen you will get 3 years of FREE service and up to 5 years of unlimited mileage warranty, as well as 15,000 km service interval; Volkswagen service doesn’t simply finish once you purchase your car.

volkswagen german craftsmanshipVolkswagen stands for innovation, responsibility and impeccable value with quality and sturdiness built in each vehicle. The fantastically designed exterior catches a million eyeballs; it embodies an accurate designed safety cage that is robust and protective; safeguarding the well-being of its passengers.

At Volkswagen, their aim is not just to sell cars, it’s to provide the best service for you and your car, they are building a future for you and your car. With Volkswagen Service Excellence, The brand make certain that your ride is comfy, gratifying and serves to be a pleasure without any glitch or issue that might be of a worry.

Every single Volkswagen is epitome of impeccable German acquisition. From the innovatively designed machinery to the tiny nuts and bolts; the vehicle is built for the safest, comfiest and a beautiful ride for its owners.

Everything is taken care of so you have the peace of mind where you go, from changing your oil to air cleaner, oil filter, amendment of brake fluid, everything is done under one roof and by a certified  technician.

However, the service doesn’t stop there. The program also provides roadside assistance. This service is available around the clock at any time of the day and it’s a call away! Whether you are going for a drive or a family road trip, Volkswagen Service Excellence will ensure a hassle free journey for you.

Last but not the least, the program also offers extended warranty to its loyal customers. This means that Volkswagen is offering you the changed to extend your warranty. Volkswagen is aiming to create your perfect car with a perfect package you will be satisfied with Volkswagen Service Excellence!

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