RTA launched e-Bus Card, caught commuters by surprise

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RTA has launched e-Bus cards for people traveling in public buses. This is first phase of Automatic Fare Collection System and will expand to taxis, Water buses and Metro.

The devices for reading the e-Bus cards have been installed in a number of buses plying on more than 20 routes in the emirate. RTA advises people to get e-Cards if they want to travel through public buses as cash will not be accepted once all buses are converted to this system.

The e-Go cards, which are an optional service at the moment, will only remain active till May 31 this year.

These new e-Bus cards can be bought for Dh18 and is valid for 10 trips. These cards can be bought from all bus stations in Dubai and have also been made available with drivers of buses equipped with the system.

The e-Go card used to cost Dh90 and was valid for a month after which it could be renewed.

When a commuter boards the bus, he or she has to tap the card across the point specified in the machine and wait for a beep along with a message on the screen. Three kinds of messages will be shown: the payment is complete, payment process complete with credit for one trip remaining and insufficient credit. The RTA spokesperson said that once the credit of an e-Bus card is used up, commuters need to buy a new card, as it is not rechargeable like its? earlier counterpart.

e-Bus Cards are certainly not ideal for the tourists or occasional travelers. Also, as the e-Bus Card is not rechargeable, this means more plastic waste in the environment.

It is good to use technology but pubic convenience should be given top priority.


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