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The UAE has strict norms for filing tax and VAT returns. Many of the business entities and organizations are not thorough about the VAT regulations and policies. The complexities involved in understanding the concept and calculating the VAT deters the firms from trying it. They may have an in-house accounting team carrying out the VAT calculations and filing VAT returns. However, overloaded with other activities that directly affect the business performance, lack of knowledge about the amendments (if any) and different distractions can hamper the calculation and return. Leading to penalties from the authority. Business firms can obviate such a scenario by hiring professional VAT consultants in UAE.

Any entrepreneur thinking of avoiding official complications subsequent to erroneous VAT calculation or any other issues must hire professionals from reputed audit firms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other region in the country.

Reasons for Hiring Professional VAT Consultants in Dubai, UAE

Guidance and support from VAT consultants are invaluable for any firm that wishes to remain credible and law-abiding. The professionals with immense knowledge about the regulations and info about the latest amendments will aid you in filing VAT without any mistakes or issues.

1. They will Facilitate a Hassle-free Registration Process

Although you are an entrepreneur, you may not be aware of the procedure to be pursued for VAT registration, the documents required etcetera. The professionals can facilitate your easy registration for VAT. Your personnel or accounting team doesn’t have to run around arranging the documents or preparing the application.

2. Cost-effective

Hiring a VAT consultant, rather than appointing an in-house team, is cost-effective in many ways. You will be receiving foolproof service without any additional monitoring from your end. Thus, the requirement of a worker, a supervisor, and an additional manager for VAT and tax formalities could be evaded, making the decision a cost-effective one.

3. Accurate Reports

The reputed audit and accounting firms in Dubai will be using the most-advanced software and solutions for the VAT calculations. It will prevent any kind of mathematical or formulaic errors. It is vital to note that the wrong VAT filing can land you in trouble.

4. Ready for Audit Any-time

The Federal Tax Agency (FTA) in UAE can arrive at your doorstep without prior notice, for tax or VAT audits. Keeping all the documents ready, all the time may turn into a herculean task for your in-house accounting team. The requirement of other works in the firm may also cause procrastination of the audit documents. With the outsourced audit and accounting professionals supporting you, there won’t be any problems during the audit on any day.

5. Get Your Team Trained

The professional audit and accounting firm in Dubai or professional VAT consultants can rain your team as well. Thereby, you can discontinue using the third party service in due course, if you want.

6. Well-formulated Calculation Process

The consultants will be pursuing a well-formulated process for the calculation of VAT. It will reduce the chances of errors significantly. Thereby, maintaining your image in front of the official authority, as well as, shareholders.

7. Secured Data Processing

It is of paramount importance to maintain all the financial data safe and secured. Any leakage of economical data regarding your firm, to the public or to the hands of miscreants can be problematic. The professionals will be having a flawless and proven methodology for the safekeeping of financial data.

8. Timely Advice

In addition to providing support for VAT calculations, the professional will also guide you depending on the latest governmental policies and world trends. It will be beneficial for you in implementing measures to meet the challenges or to abide by the new policies promulgated by the regime.

9. Planning of VAT

If you are thinking that the VAT consultants help with the registration of the firm for VAT, calculation of VAT and filing VAT returns only, you are mistaken. The reputed, well-established agencies, with a proven record of accomplishment, will help you in VAT planning as well. Their visionary guidance and suggestions will help improve financial planning.

Hiring a professional VAT consultant is the best thing a firm can do in not only UAE but also anywhere else in the world. The experienced team will handle everything related to VAT returns and deliver you timely advice as and when required. Recognizing the advantages, most of the business entities in the country have turned to third-party professional audit and accounting firms to handle VAT, tax and other financial requirements.


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