New UAE Visa Rules come into effect

The UAE Cabinet has decided to update visa rules related to labor visa, tourist visas and visas for widowed and divorced women.

Salient features of new UAE Visa Rules:

Residence Visa Extension for Widows and Divorced Women:

  • Widows and divorced women will get a one-year residency extension without the need for a sponsor.
  • The residency visa extension is for only for one year, starting from the date of death or divorce. It also covers their children living in the UAE
  • The authority will levy a fee of Dh100 for canceling the previous visa and a fee of Dh100 for one-year residency visa.


Renewal of visitor and tourist visas:

  • Visitors and tourists can also apply for a new entry visa after the expiry of the first one, without the need to leave the country.
  • Visitors and tourists can renew their visit visas twice for 30 days, against Dh600 each.
  • In case of violations, visitors and tourists will have to pay a Dh100 per day, starting from 10 days after the expiry of their visas. 

uae visa rules 2018

Applications for all facilities can be submitted online via e-channel, Tas’heel offices and residency departments across the country.

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