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Dubai Visit Visa

Are you planning to bring your family members to Dubai for a visit? In past few years, the rules for obtaining visit visa for Dubai have become stricter. You need to provide certain documents and pay fees to get Dubai visit visa for your family.

Visit visas for immediate family members can be obtained by residents (called sponsors), whose monthly salary is not less than AED 4000 or AED 3000 + accommodation.

Validity of Visa:

Short term visa: 30 days
Long term visa: 90 days
No extensions are permitted beyond this period.

Short term visa: AED 620 application fee + typing fees

Long term visa: AED 1120 application fee+ typing fees.

A deposit of AED 1000 to be paid, which can be reimbursed after your relative has left the country.

Documents Required:

• Typed Application form
• A copy of the sponsor’s passport & family member’s passport
• 1 photo of the family member (may be required)
• Marriage contract attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs or UAE Embassy (for sponsoring a wife or husband)
• Attested birth certificates (for sponsoring children)
• Relationship proof attested from the Embassy (in case relationship cannot be proved from family names in sponsor and relative’s passport)
• Attested work contract if the sponsor is working in a private company or a salary certificate if working in government.
• Traveller Insurance.
• Bank Statement is also required as per this report.


1. Go to any authorized typing office & get application form typed.
2. Go to DNRD & submit along with your documents to Visa Section.
3. Send either original or copy to your relative. If only copy was sent, then deposit original at the airport or the DNATA counter at DNRD. It is advisable to deposit visa giving sufficient time for flight to land. It is also the responsibility of the sponsor to ensure all travel arrangements are made for your relative, including the ‘Ok to board’ that may be required by some airlines.


For more information, visit DNRD website or call their friendlyAmer Toll free service on 800-5111


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  1. For me no problem as I am Romanian and I can bring my family just paying 60 Euro for each family member ,by Flydubai agent in my home country and getting visa within maximum 2-3 HOURS in any working day .

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