EIDA Staff gets Anger Management Training

EIDA Staff processing Emirates ID Card applications have been given anger management training, amongst other trainings, to deal with rush of frustrated expatriates trying to register before the deadline of December 31, 2008.

During a radio interview, Thamer al Qasemi, the planning director at the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA), pleaded for people to be patient with staff. The National reports some incidents were people vented out their anger on inefficiency of EIDA staff and registration system.

It would be better if EIDA spend more time and effort to improve their infrastructure and processes. It is really unfair that first they push an unrealistic deadline on public without having a system to cope with the load, and then ask people to be patient.

Also, along with anger management EIDA staff should be provided with basic customer service skills, administration training and English comprehension training (especially to front-office ladies).

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