Dubai Taxis to have sensor driven automatic meters soon

Dubai Taxi


When you sit in a taxi in Dubai, you can see a notice that if the meter is not in operation when you reach your destination, the ride will be free.

Not any more.

As reported by Gulf News, Taxi meters in Dubai will turn on automatically the moment a passenger enters the vehicle, curbing complaints of cheating against the cabbies.

RTA will soon start installing sensors on taxis owned by Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) that will allow the meters to start running when a passenger enters the vehicle.

A senior RTA official said the initiative will ensure the number of complaints against drivers will come down and the customer satisfaction will improve.

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) started installing sensors in its taxi vehicles fleet.

The meters will operate automatically when there is a passenger in the taxi in case the driver fails to operate it for any reason, whether because of forgetfulness or deliberately, thus eliminating all unacceptable practices that can cause increase in complaints from customers.


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