Dubai to get three more parks, a public square

neighbourhood park at Al Twar 2 Dubai

Dubai will get three more neighbourhood parks and a public square by the first quarter of 2015 at a cost of 14.6 million, as part of plans to convert the city to a real green oasis.

The Dubai Municipality announced that it would open new parks in Al Twar 2, Oud Muteena, and Al Mizhar 1 neighbourhoods. The public square project is planned in Muhaisnah 3.The four projects would be executed in a total area of 7.46 hectares.

Al Twar 2 Neighbourhood Park: To be built in a total area of 2 hectares, will have a main building that includes security office, store and public utility services and a plaza that is connected with paved walking tracks with shaded seating arrangement alongside. Children’s play areas will be provided for the age group 2-5 and 6-12 separately. Separate areas for families as well as a 520-metre running track along with the warm-up play area are the other facilities of the park, which will be have a lighting system powered by solar energy.

Oud Al Muteena Neighbourhood Park: This residential park is a multi-purpose entertainment spot mainly for women and youths residing in Oud Muteena area. The project which is built in 3.26 hectare area will have family area, main building, walking track, plaza and kids area on one side. On the other side, four play areas for football, another one for volleyball, a 575-metre rubberised running track are also provided. The park is separated from the outer area with a metal wall.

Al Mizhar 1 Neighbourhood Park: It is the first of the three garden projects planned in Al Mizhar 1 residential area and is executed as part of the policy to expand the green areas in the emirate as well as within the efforts to increase areas for entertainment, recreation and tourism purposes. The 1.2 hectare project will have different kind of trees and other common facilities including 400-metre long running track around the park.

Public Square in Al Muhaisnah 3: This project will add to the beauty of the area and will be built in an area of one hectare. It will have a family area, shaded benches, service building, paved walkways, children’s play area, and a medium-sized plaza. All the lighting system will be operated using solar energy.

via Khaleej Times.

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