AIDS Alert: HIV cases on the rise in Dubai

HIV AIDS in DubaiA total of 518 people have been detected with contagious diseases during mandatory medical fitness tests conducted during the last two months, according to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

The director of DHA’s medical fitness services Maisa’a Al Bustani confirmed that 60 people were infected with HIV .

The total number of HIV cases detected last year was 183.

Several cases of tuberculosis and hepatitis B were also discovered when the DHA conducted tests across 15 medical fitness centres in January and February, Al Bustani told Arabic daily Emarat Al Youm.

“Those infected with HIV will be held in custody and deported to their respective home countries. People infected with tuberculosis will undergo medical treatment until they are cured and then sent back to their country,” she said.

Hepatitis B is a disqualification for renewal of residence visa for six categories of workers including maids, barbers and those in the hospitality industry, she added.

Of the 84,000 people who came for medical tests during the two months, those infected with tuberculosis was 354 and 104 with hepatitis B.

Residence visas are issued subject to the person passing a medical fitness and those found to have been infected with HIV are deported.

From: Emirates 24|7

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  1. ronny July 9, 2011 at 10:26 pm #

    How offend these kind of test has been conducted by Dubai government for the prostitute(sex worker)? is it true that Dubai government has renewing sex worker licensee after testing their HIV status in every two month? Please reply……..

  2. Dave April 1, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

    What a medevial country with no human rights! Why anyone would want to live in such a place is beyond me! Not worth it even if just for the $$$

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