RTA warns public: Old Nol cards in Dubai to expire on August 1

Nol Cards by RTA Dubai

RTA has reminded public transport users that Nol cards issued five years ago will expire on August 1. Card holders with a balance higher than a minimum amount can still use the card beyond August 1 until the balance runs out.

The minimum balance required varies according to the type of Nol card. Nol cards are valid for five years. Those with a balance below the minimum amount — which ranges between Dh5.8 and Dh11.6, depending on type of card — will not be able to use their card after it expires on August 1.

RTA informed the public that some gold, silver and blue Nol cards issued in the first-ever batch will expire on August 1. Passengers with such cards have been advised to purchase other cards with new validity.

The Nol cards, which are valid for use on any public transport in Dubai, were first issued five years ago on August 1, 2009. Nol cards are used on the Dubai Metro, public buses, the water bus and the water taxi. The cards can be topped with credit, which is deducted by a card reader on boarding public transport or passing a Metro gate.

Public transport riders can visit the dedicated Nol card website (www.nol.ae) for details on renewal, top-up and other information.

via GulfNews.com.

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