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Emirates Identity Card

Emirates ID Card is introduced by the UAE Government, in April 2006, as a single all-purpose identity card.

Emirates ID Card, is compulsory for everyone living legally in the UAE, including nationals, expatriates and GCC citizens.

Emirates Identity Authority:

Emirates ID Card is produced and updated by Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA). EIDA is an independent federal authority established by virtue of the federal decree, having ultimate powers required for the execution of the Population Register and the ID card program. EIDA functions include:

1. The registration of personal data for the whole population in the country and saving the same at the electronic data bases in coordination with the competent authorities.

2. Registration of the vital statistic data and connecting the same to the personal data as referred to herein above.

3. Issuing ID cards consisting of the unified number, readable data and the data saved on the electronic chip as the same shall be transacted with before all authorities.

4. Upgrading all the data included under the provision of the previous paragraphs when the same is required.

5. Provision of individuals’ identity confirmation and identification services before all federal and local government authorities and any other authorities in addition to the determination of the applicable methodologies for the achievement of the same in accordance with the executive panel.

6. The right to request the required data and information which may serve the targets of the authority from the competent authorities in the country.

Previously UAE government announced that deadline for GCC and Emirates Nationals is December 31, 2008 while expatriates can register up till December 2010. However, in October 2008 it was declared that expatriates also have to register by December 31, 2008. This caused much confusion and chaos as expatriates rushed to get registered for their ID Cards, only to overload EIDA web site and infrastructure.

While UAE government is not extending the deadline of December 31, 2008, it has shown flexibility in terms of not imposing any fines on expatriates who fail to get register for ID cards after January 01, 2009. However, locals have to be registered by the deadline else they have to face penalties and certain governmental services will be refused to them.

Current and Future Usage of Emirates ID Card:

Current Usage:

– The Identity Card can be used as a unified identification document with all the government, semi-government authorities and private entities. An individual may utilize it to obtain all the administrative services easily and promptly guaranteeing the highest levels of security and privacy
– UAE National may utilize the Identity Card as a traveling document to travel among the GCC neighboring countries
– The ID card can be used to logon to Computers and Access online services
– The ID card can be used for access control, signing electronic forms, and signing documents to protect it from being altered by others
– It is agreed with the Ministry of Finance to include the e-Dirham service to the Identity Card
– It is agreed with the Ministry of Interior to include the e-Gate service to the Identity Card
– The ID Card can be used on Abdu Dhabi e-Gov portal to Authenticate your identity and get access to services

Future Usage:

The Emirates ID Card maybe utilized in the future to store other cards information or provide various applications as follows:

– Labor Card.
– Health Card and Health Insurance card.
– Electronic Portfolio.
– Commercial and Banking applications
– Driving License.
– Passport.
– In addition, the ID Card acts as an infrastructure to many applications and services to entities to use such as:
– Public Libraries and rental stores to check out books, movies, games, cars, and others
– Utilized to get access to exhibitions
– Metro, public transportations

Registration Process for Emirates ID Card


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6 thoughts on “All about Emirates ID Card”

  1. Hello, there How to get the Id card or resident visa ? even if out side the country which means out side UAE ?
    i want to get job in your country , What am i suppose to do? and i have no resident paper

  2. @Oliver: It is required that each resident should have an Emirates ID Card. As your family has resident status, due to which they have to give an entry in UAE in 180 days, they are also required to have the EID card.

    However, as there are no penalties announced so far, your family can go on without it.

    This is my personal opinion and you may consult the immigration authorities / EIDA for final opinion.

  3. Is the ID card mandatory, and who must enroll to obtain it?

    ID card is mandatory for all inhabitants of United Arab Emirates, whether nationals or expatriates of above 15 years old, who are living lawfully in U.A.E. Enrollment for Population Register and ID Card Program is also mandatory for children below 15 years old. While obtaining/issuing an ID card for them is a matter of choice and subject to guardian’s consent.

    —–As per this statement…all inhabitants or living lawfully in UAE are mandatory to obtain the ID card….My wife and my childrens were all having a residence visa but they are not living in UAE..they visiting UAE every 6 mos. only….I hope and I pressumed that they are not required to obtain the ID card.

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