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Good news for doctors visiting Dubai. The Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA) has announced a new license and visa that will enable visiting doctors, dentists and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners to in Dubai for up to two years.

Currently, visiting doctors can practice temporarily in the free zone only through a licence obtained by the clinical facilities, which is valid for three months, with the option to extend by additional three months.

New licence will allow healthcare professionals to work with up to three clinical facilities at the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). It will be valid for two years.

International health care professionals can apply from abroad for the licence which is conditional to their getting a suitable placement in the DHCC.

With the new licence, physicians will be able to work for two years, once they obtain the Letter of Acceptance (document confirming their eligibility to work as physicians) and enter into a contract with a clinical facility.

They will also be able to sponsor their families during the period.

The new ‘Visiting Doctor’s License’ will provide flexibility and mobility for global, high-caliber physicians wishing to work in DHCC, consequently increasing unique expertise in the free zone.

Eligible health care professionals can apply for the licence starting from January 20 and a special Arab Health licence fee rate will be offered from that date until the concluding day of the forthcoming Arab Health exhibition on January 31. To apply, they need to log on to the e-services portal, Masaar.

How does Visiting Doctor’s License works:

  • Any doctor can apply from abroad
  • They can work with three facilities simultaneously
  • The visa will be valid for two years
  • DHCC will be the sponsor of these doctors

Doctors and other medical practicioners interested in working as visiting doctors in Dubai can apply for the visas through DHCR website [link here]


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